Payment Options

Click each payment method for detailed instructions:

Interac e-Transfer (formerly Email Money Transfer) is a simple, convenient, and secure way to send money.

To send us an e-Transfer payment:

  1. Place your order on the site, selecting Interac e-Transfer as your payment method.
  2. Login to your online banking account. Note: your bank must offer Interac e-Transfer as a service.
  3. Choose Interac e-Transfer within the Transfer/Payment menu options.
  4. Fill in the Interac e-Transfer information:
    - *Dollar Amount: your order total
    - Account from which to Withdraw the Funds: your account
    - Security Question & Answer: provided in your confirmation update
    - Personal Message: your order number (nothing else!)

*If you order total is over $2000, multiple payments over multiple 24 hr periods may be required (see below).

After you submit your payment, your order will be updated within 24 business hours and sent to processing.

A transfer limit of between $1000-$2000 per 24 hour period may be imposed by your financial institution.

Never mention BM or anything to do with your order when making the transfer. If you have a comment, question or request, submit a support ticket at the Helpdesk. If you're asked any questions about the nature of your transaction, please submit a support ticket and seek guidance from us. Answers to these types of questions will be provided in your order confirmation update so please read it carefully!

Bitcoin offers the same flexibility and usability as a payment system such as Paypal, but also gives you the ability to remain completely anonymous and autonomous with how you spend/transfer your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin payments are processed instantly by us. The Bitcoin payment method is by far the fastest and most cost effective way for our members to pay for their orders.

To pay with Bitcoin:

  1. Open a free Bitcoin Wallet account at: (or any other wallet provider).
  2. Load your Bitcoin Wallet with funds by buying Bitcoins from an exchanger.
  3. List of Canadian Bitcoin Exchangers:
  4. Once your Bitcoin wallet has been funded by the exchanger, place an order, and transfer your Bitcoins into the Bitcoin address which will be provided in the My Orders->View section after placing an order.

TIP Change the site-wide currency display to Bitcoin in the Currency Dropdown along the top right of the webpage.

TIP Buy BM Store credit using Bitcoins - you'll avoid price fluctuations and have funds ready when the product(s) you want hit the menu.

Still Confused? Submit a ticket at the Helpdesk we will happily walk you through the process of acquiring Bitcoins.