Sativa Dominant

Stardust is a notoriously low-yielding strain, meaning it is rarely seen. However it has always been a favorite among connoisseurs and is well-loved for her white resinous buds and skunky/berry scent. Indeed, she serves up a tasty treat unlike any other.

Sparkling bright like a star in the sky, it's buds are packed to brim with white glistening resin which appear like stardust. The buds figuratively ooze with an amazing scent of skunk and berries.

A intricate ratio of Lowyryder (15%), Indica (30%) and Sativa (55%) help make up Stardust Auto calculatingly potent. In effect, she induces an all round body buzz that burrows upwards to uplift and soothe. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or socializing with friends.

This batch was grown in the heart of Pemberton, BC using the completely organic Destiny Grow System. This style of growing is 100% organic throughout the entire cycle of the crops. Predator bugs are used to eliminate pests. No sprays, period. Flushed for three weeks and hung to cure in low temps for the preservation of glorious terpenes and trichomes. Grown by our friends BC TREES in partnership with Golden Spruce. Bringing back true BC Bud one crop at a time.

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