Lemon Violator

Sativa Dominant

Lemon Violator is flavorful hybrid that is a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup. As the name of the strain suggests, it is a zesty, sour, lemony, citrus treat reminiscent of a lemon tart. It is most likely a cross between Lemon Haze and Violator Kush, which is why a skunky flavor can be detected amidst the zesty citrus blends.

It's multi-colored buds are a sight to behold, with long twisting orange hairs covering a dark green backdrop speckled with shades of lighter green. The effects make you feel relaxed and sleepy yet happy and euphoric at the same time. An energetic lively high eventually slows down into deep relaxation.

Can be used for relieving symptoms of asthma, depression, lack of appetite, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Product Image
Lemon Violator 1g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 2

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