Mango Sapphire OG

Indica Dominant

Mango Sapphire OG is very rare bird whose parents are Bubba's Gift and OG/Afghan X. This splendid strain has a crazy exotic nose, with scents of pink grapefruit, mangos, coconuts and cumin spice.

The buds are dense and resinous and lime/orange in colour. The initial high is very strong and cerebral, that slowly shifts into a comfortable body stone over time - perfect for a relaxing night on the couch, but accompanied with the risk of getting serious munchies. 100% Organically grown, by Purple Pickle Farms.

Product Image
Mango Sapphire OG 1g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 2
Mango Sapphire OG 3.5g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4
Mango Sapphire OG 7g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4
Mango Sapphire OG 14g
Quantity Available: 4
Max: 4
Mango Sapphire OG 28g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4

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