White Haze

Sativa Dominant

White Haze is sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) and a potent cross of White Widow and Haze genetics. This dank bud won the 2002 High Times' Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa in 2002 and boasts a THC level ranging from 17-19%.

The buds are chunky and mostly spade-shaped with neon green hues and thin fiery orange hairs. A fine layer of milky white trichomes covers every nook and cranny. The nose is very sweet and hazey with a taste of earthy pine that becomes savory upon exhale.

The effects are an almost immediate euphoric energetic rush without any sedation or couch-lock. You'll be motivated and focused with a powerful urge to be active rather than stay still. This is accompanied by a mild warming body buzz with significant pain relief that only adds to the energetic White Haze high. Due to these potent effects, White Haze is well-suited for treatment of migraines or tension headaches, chronic stress or anxiety, and nerve damage.

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