Purple Candy

Indica Dominant

A magnificent cross of Sweet Tooth (father) and The Purps (mother), from BC Bud Depot. Purple Candy is one of those indica-dominant crosses that's good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication.

Purple Candy's frosty buds will leave your hands sticky much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects. The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favorite grape-flavored treat.

Product Image
Purple Candy 3.5g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4
Purple Candy 7g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4
Purple Candy 14g
Quantity Available: 9
Max: 4
Purple Candy 28g
Quantity Available: 6
Max: 4

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