Marionberry Kush

Indica Dominant

For all you millennials, Marion Barry was the much loved, crack smoking Washington DC mayor who was re-elected to office in the 90's after doing time for drug charges. Marionberry the strain, was bred by crossing Raspberry Kush and Space Queen (Cinderella 99 and the famed 100% Indica Romulan). From THC Subcool Seeds.

Renowned for it's ability to soothe the body and free the soul with an unstoppable power, thanks to a full 23.6% THC & a mere 0.6% CBD. All your aches, pains & mental worries will go up in smoke (or vapour) leaving you fully relaxed, totally chill and clear minded. Imbibe in moderation for a steady, manageable feeling you can enjoy all day long.

It is decidedly fruity, tasting predominantly like berries with lighter notes of mango, passion fruit, and some would even say there's a touch of raspberry lemonade mixed in with the musky-sweet kushness of it all.

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