Pink Bubba Kush

Indica Dominant

Pink Bubba is a BC-bred hybrid of both Pink and Bubba Kush. The expertly manicured buds are gassy and sticky, being liberally caked with trichomes. The odoriferous nose is a real standout with tell-tale Pink Kush traces of sweet vanilla and candy perfume. It has undergone a 3 week cold cure process, with the result being a superior tasting flower which burns down to a fine white ash.

Effects are indica dominant and powerful, with a buzz that starts in the head before easing into the body. It's high THC and CBD levels make it a good choice for stress and pain relief, insomnia, appetite stimulation, or lazy, relaxing evening.

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Pink Bubba Kush 1g
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Pink Bubba Kush 3.5g
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