Lemon Hashplant

Indica Dominant

Lemon Hashplant is a phenotype of Sensi's Hashplant that displays prominent citrus characteristics than the more typical Afghani flavour.

This batch is mostly comprised of thick, densely crystallized and well-manicured colas that look like craggy mountains. The accompanying nose is deeply fragrant. It's sweet, lemon-citrus properties are reminiscent of the Baby Lizard strain, but with a lemon twist - very alluring. There is also a less distinct spicy, cigar box aroma that is pleasing to the senses. The smoke is lush, full and enveloping, belying that it is a 70% indica. Very potent and seductive.

Product Image
Lemon Hashplant 28g
Quantity Available: 5
Max: 4

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