LHO Transdermal Balm

THC direct delivery in a pharmaceutically elegant finished gel

People have long experienced cannabis's anti-inflammatory effects when they have applied it to their skin. Patients with arthritis, muscle and joint pain can testify to the easing of aches and pains. Another benefit of topical preparations is they usually provide only local relief with no effect on the brain, meaning there is usually no high. This is helpful for when cannabis use is inappropriate, yet relief from pain is still needed.

Activated LHO is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency and purity. Containing up to 96% THC, it is activated by a specially-developed process to make it effective in transdermal applications. The cannabis was extracted using d-Limonene, the major component of the oil from citrus rind.

Transdermal medications are intended for external use only, and enter the bloodstream as they are absorbed through the skin. Transdermal delivery of concentrated cannaboinoid compounds can be effectively used for both acute and chronic therapy, and are ideal for pain management as well as sports and pediatric medicine.

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Activated LHO Transdermal Balm
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