Medi-Derm - THC

800 mg of THC per Clicker

Pacific Gas Co's THC Medi-Derm uses a transdermal delivery system that is designed to carry the active THC molecule through the dermis and directly to the source. This system was originally designed to carry anti-inflammatory drugs to the source of inflammation and pain bypassing the stomach and liver so there is no discomfort.

The unique clicker dispenser allows for precisely metered dispensing of the product so you can get consistent dosage every time. Each clicker contains 800 mg of activated THC.

Three clicks are recommended as a starting dose to treat the targeted area. Increase the dosage if required and re-apply as needed.

4.3 mg THC per click. Contains approximately 800mg THC per dispenser.

Ingredients: Tetrahydrocannabinol, transdermal lipsome base cream.

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Medi-Derm - THC
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