THC-A Isolate

THC-A (THCA) is unactivated THC. While the molecule still holds the acidic structure of THC, it is not activated. Consuming this on it's own without activating it would null the effects. However, if you dab it (heat it to 315* F Skunk Pharm Research) it will activate, providing a powerful euphoric effect.

This is different than a normal dab. It is flavorless, since it is only pure THC stripped of all other cannabinoids and terpenes, yet it still has a strong effect that clears your mind and uplifts your spirits.

A must-try for the true cannabis connoisseur.

Horatio Delbert creates petroleum-free extractions and is the inventor of "LHO" using d-limonene. Winner of the 2014 PNW Secret Regional for Connoisseur's Choice and 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards winner for Top Vaped/Smoked Extract.

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THC-A Isolate - 0.5g
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