Live Resin Crumble

Live Resin is a process by which a freshly harvested plant is immediately flash frozen using professional laboratory equipment to cryogenically freeze the plant at very low temperatures.

Because it is fresh frozen, live resin captures more complete cannabinoid and terpene profiles, delivering to the user more of the medicinal efficacy of the plant. It has also been purged in a vacuum oven for 36 hours and contains no impurities. For recreational vapers, it also delivers superior flavours, aroma, and potency. All users get an improved cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning a different, arguably better psychoactive effect and enhanced medical value.

At 70% potency, only a small piece the size of a match head is enough to be pleasantly medicated. It comes in non-tacky wafers, making it extremely easy to handle.

Stratus produces premium quality extracts from their state-of-the-art facility in BC. All products are independently lab-tested in a Health Canada-approved laboratory.

Product Image
Live Resin Crumble Quantum Kush 1g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 28

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