CBD Nanomist

CBD Naturals sprays are a superior method for taking phytocannabinoids and herbs. Pills often degrade in a persons gastro-intestinal tract, while the NanoMist fine mist spray delivery system offers a more concentrated and pleasant approach to daily supplements. Each 30mL spray bottle delivers a month supply, fits easily in a purse or pocket, is convenient to use and tastes great.

Applying quantum physics, CBD Naturals' nanotechnology successfully increases the surface area of each substance they put in their water, so that less is much more. Created by a team of doctors, CBD Naturals hemp-derived pure CBD products provide the best option for those who seek a THC-FREE, safe, sustainable and non-psychoactive source of CBD.

Product Image
CBD Nanomist - Brain
Quantity Available: 3
CBD Nanomist - Calm
Quantity Available: 1
CBD Nanomist - Discomfort
Quantity Available: 7

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