Cobra Oil

Also known as Budder Oil, this product is produced from Budder King Budder (99.7% pure THC). Cobra Oil is alcohol-free and is perfect for medicinal users, and anyone who is looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Each bottle is 10ml.

Similar to Canna-Gels, this product has been designed to optimize the absorption of THC into the bloodstream in a manner that attracts no attention, nor causes any mess, smoke, or odour. It is specially formulated to be much more effective for pain relief than simply eating marijuana or other cannabis edibles.

In small doses (half a dropper), the benefits include improved sleep, pain relief and is great for combating nausea. Depending on the user, a full dropper will yield more intense results.

Please use with caution, until you discover your tolerance.

Product Image
Cobra Oil 10ml
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 4

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