Space Bars

New Stronger Space Bars

Due to popular demand, our supplier has re-vamped the Space Bar recipe. The new Space Bars have an increased potency with the same great taste.

Space Bars are super potent, super tasty, pot granola bars. All ingredients - including the pot used to make them - are 100% Organic.

They are made from a standardized dose of cannabudder and are equivalent in potency to 2-3 standard pot cookies.

Odourless and innocuous, this is one of our most stealthy items. You simply cannot tell from smelling or looking at this item that it contains pot.

It takes roughly an hour to feel the effects of ingesting these bars, and moderation is strongly suggested.

We suggest you start eating a quarter bar, and then waiting to see how it affects you. A half bar is considered one dose, but some experienced tokers can consume 2 or more full bars for a profound effect. It is always a fine line with ingesting cannabis products between too much and too little, so please follow our advice and exercise caution and moderation.

Please read
- Storage: Store in a safe manner and keep them away from children!
- Dosage: - 1 bar. If you haven't tried these before, eat half a bar, wait 1 hour and see how you feel before eating more.
- Allergy: May contain nuts or traces of nuts

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