We've managed to source some first-rate, imported Moroccan hash!

Compared to other kinds of hash, Maroc produces a cerebral and active high.

Lightly aromatic, not too spicy. Compared to other kinds of hash the taste is very mild.

It is dark brown in colour, and the consistency is extremely hard.

While more common in Europe, quality Moroccan hash is almost impossible to find in Canada. This batch is the tastiest and most potent Maroc we've personally seen in over 10 years!

Product Image
Maroc 1g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 8
Sale: $15.00
Save: 50% off
Maroc 3.5g
Quantity Available: 6
Max: 8
Sale: $50.00
Save: 44% off
Maroc 7g
Quantity Available: 10
Max: 8
Sale: $90.00
Save: 47% off
Maroc 14g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 8
Sale: $170.00
Save: 47% off
Maroc 28g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 8
Sale: $320.00
Save: 47% off

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