Sour Kush Bubblehash

Sativa Dominant

Pure, unpressed, unadulterated Bubblehash, locally made from Sour Diesel.

This is made with 160u Bubble Bags, meaning it will not melt. However, it is ideal for 'super-charging' joints and a likewise tasty, lower-priced product to enjoy on it's own. Only a minimal amount is required to put you in the zone.

This cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush from DNA Genetics is a winning combination. For those looking for daytime pain relief, Sour Kush might be one of the best choices out there. Providing consumers with an uplifting experience without overwhelming sedative effects, this hybrid is great for day-to-day consumption. Sour Kush is slightly sativa-dominant, igniting a giggly and euphoric feeling. The indica effects, however, present themselves a few minutes after consumption.

Product Image
Sour Kush Bubblehash 1g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 2
Sour Kush Bubblehash 3.5g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 8
Sour Kush Bubblehash 7g
Quantity Available: 10+
Max: 8
Sour Kush Bubblehash 14g
Quantity Available: 4
Max: 8
Sour Kush Bubblehash 28g
Quantity Available: 10
Max: 8

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