See our Payment Options page for detailed information on the available payment options.
If you under pay for an order, your order will be cancelled and you will be issued a store credit for the amount you sent. As a result, your order's stock reservation will expire! Please be sure to pay your balance in full to ensure you get what you ordered. You can use store credit to place a new order. If the balance is $0 after applying the credit during checkout, the order will go directly into production.
If you over-pay for an order, a store credit will be issued on the order for the amount you over-paid. You can then use the store credit on your next order.
My Order
Your order will be confirmed with payment instructions within 24 hours from the time your order was placed (Mon-Fri). Payment instructions and other order status updates will be posted in your My Orders->View->Payment Instructions & Updates section.

Note: after you've completed a few orders, our system will begin to auto-confirm your orders with payment instructions.
You can always view the status of your existing order(s) by navigating to your My Account section. From there, you can view any updates made to your existing orders.
If you want to make changes to products or the address in your pending order, and your order's status is set to "New" or "Confirmed - waiting for payment" please follow these instructions:

a) Find your order in My Order History and click "View".
b) Select "I have placed a new order" in the "Please Select Reason" drop-down box.
c) Click the "Cancel Order" button. This order's status has now been set to "Canceled by Customer".
d) Place a new order.

Note: If the order number you quoted with payment has expired or has been canceled, we will automatically apply your payment to your most recent order. If no order exists, you will get store credit.
We have an inventory and stock system in place. When you place an order, the items will be reserved for you for up to 48hrs. If we do not receive payment within 48hrs, your order's stock reservation will expire, and your items will be re-stocked. If payment is received for an order where stock has been expired, a store credit will be issued so that you can place a new order with your balance. *Please see the Shipping Information page for your payment method's reservation period.
Order Shipping and Processing
Orders are Xpresspost shipped w/tracking # for a flat rate of $10.00 in Canadian Funds and will arrive in 1-3 business days.

See our Shipping Info page for more information.
Orders are shipped within 3 business day of receiving your payment. 95% of all orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, but please allow us the full time we specify before contacting support. Occasionally a delay may occur, in which case it may take the full 3 business days. In most cases, if your payment is received before 12:00pm PST Mon-Fri, it will ship the following day.
We recommend using your real name. Some postman will refuse to "leave at door" and if nobody answers the door when your package is being delivered, he/she may bring it to the nearest post office for pick-up. You would then have to prove the package is intended for you. You shouldn't worry at all about using your real name.
All orders are double vacuum-sealed with an industrial grade sealer. The parcels we ship are completely scentless to humans. Special care and treatment is given to all packages to eliminate any traces or residues.
Depending on the size of your order, and the size of your mail-box, the postman may or may not feel that it is safe to leave the package at your door so s/he will bring it to the post office for pick-up and leave a delivery notification card at your door.
All orders shipped within Canada (with the exception of Nunavut, Northern Quebec, Newfoundland and Northwest Territories) are guaranteed to arrive. If the tracking number shows it wasn't delivered, we will re-send it once for free. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to provide a complete address and a valid name. We will not re-ship an order if a complete address and a valid name were not provided.

Please submit a support ticket on our Helpdesk if any problems arise during your transaction with us. DO NOT contact third party customer service agents (i.e. Canada Post, UPS etc.) to resolve your issue(s).

Please note also that we cannot be held responsible for payments that fail to reach us. However, we only very rarely receive complaints about payments not arriving.
For Canadians, this isn't an issue. Domestic mail is not searched and does not have to clear Customs. Postal laws prevent anyone from legally opening your mail. That's why we ship with Canada Post, and not a private courier service.
We understand our market - privacy is a very serious matter at BM. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how we protect our member's data.
Helpdesk & Forum
If you experience any problems using the Helpdesk, please email us at Please note that this is a secondary support avenue, so response times may be slower.
Forum access will be made available on your account after you have been actively using our service (orders, logins, reviews etc.). You can check your My Forum Account page for your Forum account status.